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Diet Consultation

Diet Consultation

Nutrition consultation refers to appointments with either a nutritionist or dietitian for the purpose of improving a person’s quality of life and overall health and well-being. Nutrition is a recognized branch of science that deals with food and the nutrients that can be obtained from them.
A diet consultation helps a lot in early recovery from diseases, increase immunity, repair cells or even regenerate new cells. Thus, a consultation from a qualified Dietitian is important as the right food prescribed according to the specific condition will help a patient recover from the health condition faster.

Who Should Undergo and Expected Results

People who want to achieve optimal health – You don’t have to be sick before you start seeing your nutritionist or dietitian. In fact, to achieve optimal health, it’s best to approach one while you’re still feeling well to fend off diseases particularly those that are life-threatening such as cancer. Nutritionists or dietitians can help you plan your meals, select the types of food that are best for your metabolic or medical history profile, and monitor your progress.

Those who are already overweight or obese – Weighing way more than your ideal body weight is both an aesthetics and serious health problem. Obesity is associated with cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and even certain types of cancers. Nutritionists and dietitians help in safely losing excess pounds by introducing sustainable diets and closely monitoring your progress.

People who have a higher risk of developing certain diseases – Some people, for example, are predisposed to type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease because their parents have been diagnosed with the same issue. The risk of developing the same medical condition can be mitigated through prompt and regular nutrition consultation.

People with various medical conditions – The majority of health conditions can be improved by proper nutrition. Take note that nutrition alone may not be enough, and it may not cure an illness. However, it may be helpful in alleviating symptoms, delaying the progress of the disease, or enhancing the patient’s response to treatment.

Children and other people with allergies – According to Food Allergy Research & Foundation, at least 15 million have food allergy. While the symptoms can be mild, they can also become deadly due to anaphylactic shock. It may, therefore, help if the person avoids food that they are allergic to.

A person who has undergone nutrition consultation can expect:

  • A better physical and mental health
  • Improvement of one’s mood
  • Fewer symptoms or pain that doesn’t last long
  • Greater mobility
  • More positive outlook toward health and medical condition
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