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What is Plasma Pen treatment and how does it work?

Plasma Pen is a non-surgical treatment, but as fascinating as it can be, the result of this treatment is comparable to surgical solutions. This is a high-tech treatment, using advanced plasma energy to achieve smooth younger-looking skin.
Plasma is the fourth state of matter and is an ionized gas. In this treatment, the ionized gas is what makes the results. Plasma Pen is a device releasing this ionized gas that holds an electrical charge. With a high or low atmosphere, moving manually, the device can target many skin concerns.
The Plasma Pen device practically burns a small part of the outer layer of the skin, forcing it into regenerating itself, increasing skin elasticity, and producing collagen. Hence the younger look for the result.

What is the PHI-ION Plasma Pen?

There are a few types of Plasma Pen. The Plasma Pen device is one of the most famous brands. The device was originally used for blepharoplasty treatment, which is eyelid skin correction. Now it is used for not only upper and lower parts of the eye, but for other areas too. The Plasma Pen has no age-limit and has no scarring as an aftermath.
The procedure for applying the device is simple. The operator manually hovers the device over the patient’s skin and the Plasma Pen Plasma Pen creates a series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin. The process triggers skin tissue into instant results by forcing it to contract and tighten the skin fibers. The outcome will be visible soon. The treatment also irons out facial lines and lifts the skin.

What skin problems does Plasma Pen treatment solve?

There are numerous uses for Plasma Pen treatment other than the fight against aging signs. One of the benefits of plasma pen treatment could be healing clinical skin problems. But mainly, the Plasma Pen treatment aims to cure any possible facial skin tissue problems. In general, these are some of the usages for Plasma Pen:
  • Acne scars
  • Facial lines and aging wrinkles; such as crows feet, smokers line, smile line, etc.
  • Hooded eyelids and eye bags
  • Mole treatment
  • Sunspots
  • Surgery scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Milia removal treatment
  • Increasing the wound healing process
  • Cure for skin tags
  • Warts and Verruca treatment
  • Trans dermal product delivery
  • Fatty eye deposits treatment
  • Skin Sterilization
  • Broken capillaries
All those treatments set aside, Plasma Pen has some main effects regardless of what the goal was:
  • Skin regeneration
  • Collagen production
  • Skin elasticity
So keep in mind, in case you want to achieve one of the above effects on your skin, Plasma Pen can be one of your top solutions.
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