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There is an obvious difference that exists between traditional dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. This difference lies ifact that traditional dentistry is focused more on preventing, diagnosing, and treating various oral diseases while cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, focuses more on enhancing the appearance of the teeth, smile, and mouth of an individual. This further point to the fact, that traditional dentistry is a type of necessary dental treatment. While cosmetic dentistry, is more elective or can be chosen by an individual to go through due to its various benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of getting any major cosmetic dentistry procedure done is that it provides that individual with various restorative advantages. To understand this in a better light, let’s consider the example that an individual is suffering from decaying teeth. He or she opts to get a dental filling procedure done which is necessary. Earlier, this material for the filling was primarily gold, amalgam, and other materials that did not look that appealing as they left a visible mark.

What are Cosmetic Dentistry Trends?

Science and technology have advanced a lot since the last few decades. And that has enabled us to receive predictable and durable cosmetic dentistry procedures. On top of that, dentists are actively choosing conservative techniques to preserve the natural appearance of teeth as much as possible. This is why people are actively looking to get different cosmetic treatments done including smile makeovers. These procedures boost the self-confidence of an individual and help him or her in dealing with the challenges of life in a more positive manner.

The Common Treatment Options Available

As mentioned above, there are various cosmetic dentistry procedures that different people from all across the globe are looking to get. And some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures are mentioned below.

  • Onlays or Inlays: This procedure is also known as indirect filling and just refers to the process of providing filling in teeth which is made up of porcelain or composite material which is long-lasting and fills the teeth with the tooth while maintaining its natural quality as much as possible. These inlays or inlays are created in a dental laboratory and are bonded with the teeth with the help of some adhesive substance.
  • Composite Bonding: This procedure is used to correct the appearance of chipped, broken, discolored, or decaying teeth. During this procedure, the doctor applies the dental composite material, which is made from materials like dentin and enamel, onto the surface of the tooth or into the cavity. It is then sculpted into shape, contoured, and hardened with the help of a high-intensity light. This procedure provides a very healthy and beautiful-looking smile.
  • Teeth Whitening: This is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures that millions of people opt for all across the globe. In this procedure, the teeth are bleached to enhance their appearance which could be ruined by stains caused due to consuming different food items like coffee or by poor dental hygiene.
  • Dental Veneers: If a person has a broken or chipped tooth then he or she can opt for this treatment. In this procedure, composite or porcelain laminates are used to adhesively bond to the surface of teeth to enhance their overall appearance. Dental veneers can also be used to treat severely discolored teeth. They can also treat gaps that might be present in the teeth of some people. The cost of this procedure can be very varied.
  • Dental ImplantsThese is also regarded as artificial tooth root replacement procedures that are performed by using prosthetic dentistry or artificial replacement of teeth to compensate for a tooth that might have been lost. The results point to a youthful appearance and a healthy smile.
  • Smile Makeover: This is a comprehensive procedure that requires a dentist to make an assessment of an individual’s smile so that its overall appearance can be enhanced. Different cosmetic dentistry procedures can be included in a smile makeover like dental implants, dental veneers, and teeth whitening. It is recommended that one should work actively with the doctor to determine the kind of final look which the individual wants.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction: Sometimes, when an individual is getting a smile makeover done the dentist might also recommend some necessary procedures which will be aimed at correcting any functional problems related to the teeth like a muscle, bone structure, or the bite.


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