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Semi-Permanent Makeup

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semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent make-up is a complexion treatment to enhance the eyes, brows and lips to add definition to the face. This technique involves injecting pigment through a fine vibrating needle into the most superficial layers of the skin. A local anesthetic cream numbs the area pre-treatment.

Semi-Permanent makeup, also known as Microblading or Micropigmentation, is a revolutionary technique that uses tattoo ink to enhance lips and create fuller eyebrows and eyelids.

Some people are blessed with full, beautiful eyebrows while others spend hours every day to thicken and shape their eyebrows. But what if you didn’t have to do that? What if there was a solution to apply permanent makeup in a way that looks natural and is completely harmless to the health. This semi- permanent makeup solution is called Microblading.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Microblading?

  1. If you want a permanent solution to look your best without having to go through the tedious process of applying makeup every single day, then it is a perfect solution for you.
  2. If you have thin eyebrows or your eyebrows are thinning due to some medical condition or any other reasons and you want fuller eyebrows as a permanent solution, then you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. 
  3. This treatment is the right option for you if you are allergic to makeup or if your skin cannot tolerate makeup well.
  4. Microblading is also used as an effective follow-up treatment for facial reconstructive surgery. 

How Does Microblading Works?

In Microblading, tiny, fine, pointy needles are used to scratch and deposit pigment into the required site which then results in permanent realistic-looking brow hairs. The thickness or thinness of these hairs and their color can be adjusted and customized as per your skin color and requirements. 




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