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Who doesn’t want glowing beautiful skin on their big day? Well, we all do, but makeup cannot always do the job, especially if you are suffering from skin issues. Yes, sometimes, we need a little bit of help from the docs to make our skin look perfect, and there are quite a few new treatments that brides are opting for, which not only have amazing results but have less downtime too! So we asked some leading dermatologists to tell us their treatment of choice for brides

Skin Booster Injections.

Skin Booster injections are an amazing way to enhance and hydrate your skin for the wedding and give you that elusive ‘glow’. They contain contain hyaluronic acid that absorb several times its weight in water and hydrates and due to its light reflecting properties gives a beautiful radiance. Whether you have a clear complexion or not it will make you skin appear much more hydrated and your makeup also sits quite well. 

Laser toning with carbon peeling

This helps to reduce pigmentation and give an instant glow. With successive steps of this treatment, the dull pigmented areas on the skin clear and brighter younger skin shows up. There is no downtime and you can attend your functions the very next day!


Dermarolling is the process of using a derma roller, a roller with hundreds of tiny needles attached to it (picture a prickly lint roller) to clean your skin. It’s a handheld device that is rolled over the skin. It’s also called micro-needling and is used on two types of skin: Scarred / hyperpigmented skin and the second, skin that is dull and lifeless. It’s known to induce collagen production in depressed acne scars as well. Dermaroller helps with scars, pits, wrinkles and almost every other skin problem. Gives your skin new life!

Laser hair removal

It is a safe and effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair from any part of the body, especially the face for your wedding. It works on the face, hands, legs, chest, back, underarms, bikini area- you name it! Laser hair removal is the only option that gives a permanent solution to the problem of ingrown hair. LHR goes to the root of the problem. It destroys the follicle so there will not be any hair to be ingrown at all.

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