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Skin brightening is a different process from skin lightening. The purpose is not to reduce pigmentation but to increase the brightness and glow of the skin.

Dull skin refers to when the skin complexion stops looking radiant. A few factors that can cause dull skin include changes in the weather or lifestyle factors, such as alcohol or tobacco.

The skin is constantly shedding dead cells. The entire outer layer of skin replaces itself approximately every 4 weeks. When these dead cells on the surface, they can cause the skin to appear dull. Additionally, the skin can lose its glow if it becomes dehydrated.

By removing dead skin cells from the face and replenishing moisture, people can brighten their skin and reduce its dull appearance.

Methods to brighten skin

A person can try some of the following natural remedies or a dermatological procedure to help improve complexion.


Exfoliation is a technique that dead skin cells and stimulates the production of new ones. Exfoliation increases the skin’s brightness by creating a more smooth and polished complexion.

The two types of exfoliation are physical and chemical exfoliation.

Physical or mechanical exfoliation uses manual methods of removing excess skin cells on the face, for example, through body brushes. People can buy these online.


Moisturizing is a way of replenishing hydration in the skin. The process is also an extra barrier, which protects the skin from environmental effects. Moisturizing also reduces the dull appearance that extreme weather conditions can cause.

Using face rollers

Face rollers specifically target the skin on the face. They boost circulation and reduce puffiness, which may benefit how bright a person’s skin is.

Laser resurfacing

A dermatological procedure that may help brighten skin is laser resurfacing.

The laser beams penetrate deep into the skin using thermal energy. The beams stimulate collagen production and help cells regenerate to heal damaged skin. The results usually reveal glowing renewed skin.

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