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Cosmetic Gynecology

What is Cosmetic Gynecology?

Cosmetic gynecology helps to improve the function or physical appearance of the labia and vagina as well. It may also help to improve sexual activities. At the same time, cosmetic gynecology also makes the genitals of the body look much younger and pleasing. For many years, events like pregnancy and giving birth have changed the appearance of the vagina. It also causes changes in its response to the stimulus. Cosmetic gynecology can help to restore all this. This procedure is for women to gain self-confidence and happiness.

Who needs cosmetic gynecology?

A good candidate for cosmetic surgery is a woman who is not happy with the way her vaginal area looks. This is for those who are not happy with how her vaginal area feels or functions.
You may be a good candidate if you know the risks of the procedures. And also when you are healthy and have reasonable expectations for this procedure. You should consult your gynecologist if you want to undergo the procedure but have some health issues.
Some of the health issues include high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, bleeding disorder, and also heart disease. Also, you must know that, if your body weight is not the appropriate weight and you are addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol then also you are the right person for this procedure. You must observe strict abstinence from addictions before considering this treatment.
There are a variety of reasons for a woman to choose cosmetic gynecology. Such as :
  • The gift to a partner
  • Religious reason
  • To charge up self-esteem
  • To improve the appearance of the lips or the labia
  • Improve sexual desire and performance


To prepare for the cosmetic gynecology procedure you need to first prepare yourself both physically and mentally. To help you prepare better for this treatment, here are some of the tips are :
  • You must have proper body weight as compared to your height. Maintain your BMI
  • You must not be suffering from heart disease, diabetes as well. Share your complete medical history with your doctor, so as to get proper guidance.
  • Follow strict restrictions on Addiction for the said duration as recommended by your doctor.
  • You should not be on anti-depression medication. Try to have good mental wellbeing.

Types of Procedures in cosmetic gynecology

There are five main types of cosmetic gynecology. You must be well aware of the different types of gynecology before you opt for one.

  • Vaginoplasty

This procedure helps to tighten the vagina. It also helps in rejuvenating the vagina for sexual satisfaction.

  • Monsplasty

A monsplasty is a procedure designed to reduce bulging of the mons. It helps to tighten, lift, and shape-up the bikini bridge, the pubis. This is because it becomes prominent while wearing different types of outfits.

  • Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic surgery for women who may wish to repair or reconstruct their hymen. This procedure helps to create an entire hymen that might be broken due to cycling or horse-riding.

  • Hoodectomy

A simple procedure in which the clitoral hood is shortened. It improves the aesthetic appearance as well as sexual function in women.

  • Labiaplasty

In this procedure, the size of the lips of the vagina is reduced, and also the appearance of the inner labia is improved. You can read more about this labiaplasty here.

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