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Ear Lobe Repair In Chandrapur

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Ear Lobe Repair In Chandrapur

Ear lobe repair is a safe, simple, and minimally invasive reconstructive surgical procedure finish to restore the appearance of ear lobes repair that have been torn or elongated because of trauma or piercing or pulled by heavy long earrings.

Ear lobe repair or surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is carried out to eliminate deformities in the ear lobes repair of a person. This regenerates plastic surgery is particularly useful in treating patients who have suffered damage to their ear lobes due to an accident or those who have stretched out

or torn or split ear lobes.This surgery is quickly effective surgery and is of two types- flesh tunnel repair surgery. These surgeries are generally carried out as corrective measures for ear piercings gone wrong as well as other body art types that adversely affect the ear lobes of a person. Heavy earrings can also stretch out the ear lobes and cause them to elongate. However, ear lobe repair can fix all of the aesthetic issues one faces with the appearance of ear lobes.

Ear Lobe Repair Treatment

It is a flesh tunnel earlobe repair surgery or a split earlobe repair surgery, the procedure carried out is fairly simple. It is a one-day procedure taking 30mins to 45mins or even less for one ear. The procedure is started by local anesthesia to make the area numb or free of pain. After that, in a flesh tunnel repair surgery, the surgeon will make an incision in the ear lobe of the patient and will remove the affected area. Both ears can be done on the same day. The process of the split ear lobe surgery is more or less the same, with the difference being that a split ear lobe surgery takes a lot more time to complete than a flesh tunnel repair surgery. Mild swelling and redness are present that is taken care of by painkillers and subsides within 2-3 days. these surgeries are still relatively quick and much simpler when compared to other cosmetic or plastic surgeries. this ear lobe repair surgery takes a maximum of about 30 minutes to 1 hour for each ear lobe of the patient concerned, depending on the type of surgery one opts for.


  • The dressing is kept in place and the area is kept clean and dry for 2-3 days.
  • A topical antibiotic is applied for one week.
  • You are called for follow-up after 1 week when the suture removal is also done.
  • Complete healing usually occurs in 2-3 weeks.
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