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Sheet masks are a rage now a days, so lets update you on it! A face sheet mask is nothing but just another ‘vehicle,’ like a lotion, serum, cream, ointment, that delivers ‘actives/ingredients’ to the skin to improve the appearance or quality of the skin. Many masks contain butylene glycol, which acts as a delivery agent and solvent, and allows your skin to absorb more of the other ingredients. Your skin absorbs mask ingredients but, in general, only a small portion of active ingredients actually absorb into the skin since the epidermis, the skin’s outer layer, does a great job protecting us from the environment. Unfortunately, this is also why it’s hard to get products to penetrate easily into the deeper layers. So you to be realistic with what you expect and choose mask ingredients correctly. Its always recommended using a sheet mask at night in order for your skin to absorb excess product. The main function of sheet masks is to hydrate and calm the skin. So if you’re looking to soothe and plump up your skin, definitely give those masks a go. Look for composition of mask to decide which suits you best: aloe and olea ingredients are best for combination and dry skin, AHAs, BHAs are good for oily skin, vitamin A, vitamin C sheets work best for skin rejuvenation. Once/twice a week application of mask is good enough; effect generally stays for 3-4 days. So get your hands on your favourite ones!

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