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Summers are around the corner and to-be brides need to change their skin care routine according to the season. All want the perfect summer wedding with love of their life and sunshine, what they don’t are blemishes, clogged pores, sun tan, burnt, uneven, dull skin. So the brides need to evaluate their skin type first and plan in advance for their D-day.
Brides with oily skin find it really difficult to have a matte flawless skin on wedding day. So they need to invest in a good exfoliator like BHAs for their daily skin care regimen. Since scrubbing will take out the excess oils from face and will also help get rid of blackheads and whiteheads which are a major cause of worry. A fruit detox diet will hydrate the skin and detox system to get rid of unwanted oils. The application of a light-weight moisturising lotion and non greasy sunscreen will reduce the chances of developing acne, soothen the skin as well protect it from sun tan. Applying a hydrating face mask will nourish your skin, make skin less oily, smooth and flawless when makeup is to be applied. Aloe vera, hyaluronic acid masks are ideal for those with oily skin.
Brides with dry skin should use soap free creamy cleansers and creamy lotions so as to lock the moisture in the skin. Mild scrubs with AHAs help combat dry and dehydrated skin and also provides moisture to your skin. It battles an uneven complexion, while reducing the flakiness of your skin. While during the day, you can go easy on the moisturiser and use a light-weight one instead, during the night, make sure to apply a thick moisturiser which will moisturise your skin well and will provide extreme nourishment. Vitamin C and A serums at night gently exfoliate skin, reduces sun tan, dead dry skin and add glow to the face.
Brides with combination skin usually have oily skin at T-zone and dry skin around, hence taking care of this skin type is really a tedious job. Again soap free, ph balanced face cleanser, light non comodogenic moisturiser helps a lot. Fruit peels, face packs help combat oil formation in T zone and gently exfoliates skin to maintain smooth complexion. A good med-facial will increase the blood circulation, which will then control the excess oil that accumulates around T-zone. Benzyl peroxide application on the face before retiring for the night will help remove excess oil and will moisturise the other dry areas. It also naturally exfoliates the skin by giving a smooth, soft and flawless complexion.
Brides with sensitive skin should use mild face cleansers, go easy on exfoliation or limit it to just once a week. Daily use of effective non acnegenic, fragrance free moisturiser and sunblock is must to prevent redness and sun burn. Glycerine, olive, aloe vera based face masks keep the sensitive skin nourished inspite of heat. So brides, get your skin prepped up and ready with a flawless complexion for your grand day.

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